car sales hit all time highThe UK’s car sector is unique and can be a little more difficult to maneuver and understand, especially if you’re new to the area or don’t have previous experience financing a car.
Guaranteed car finance  is more than just a marketing ploy, as some people have claimed, but there are some important things to know about the promotions. It’s important to know that the term ‘Guaranteed Car Financing’ isn’t as straightforward as the name suggests. Can you imagine if it were that simple? Really, it would be irresponsible for the business to provide financing to incapable buyers and to strap overwhelming financial burdens onto those who are not able to pay for the vehicle.

Guaranteed car financing really equates to a remarkably high acceptance rate, which provides more buyers with financing options and is a responsible method for businesses.


It’s important for consumers to do their homework before they go in to look for a car and put in a financing application. Make sure that the vehicle is within your price range and that you can actually afford the new car with the monthly payment while maintaining a safety buffer for any emergencies. Don’t get caught up with the shiny paint and new car smell because you’ll be strapped with the payments for the duration of the financing plan.

Interest rates are usually higher with guaranteed car financing options because financing providers are more willing to overlook flaws on a credit report and to work with you on long term payment plans. Because a less than ideal lender is more of a risk, companies have to balance it with reward. More than a no-strings-attached financing guarantee, guaranteed car financing is really just an alternative option for lenders who need a higher chance of approval.


Most recent study has revealed that girls are much more likely to go for guys if they drive a “green” (i.e. environmentally sound) auto, in lieu of a best of your range sports automobile.

Over 50 per cent of these girls surveyed believed drivers of expensive, fuel-guzzling sports vehicles were arrogant and self-centred, but believed drivers of eco-friendly automobiles had been extra most likely to become conscientious, intelligent and secure motorists.


Even so, in contrast, 48 per cent of males inside the identical survey believed that an expensive vehicle produced them far more desirable for the opposite sex.

The survey gives an interesting snapshot of how people today perceive other automobile drivers, based on their selection of automobile. A few of the age old stereotypes nonetheless ring accurate – ‘bad boy’ sports automobile drivers and ‘Chelsea tractor’ 4×4 drivers seem to become in the forefront on the debate into how self-centred and arrogant drivers of such autos are.

Intriguing reading should you be in the market place for a new car or truck.

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